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Group Logistics Manager
Location: Sharjah, UAE

The Role:

We have a vacancy for a Group Logistics Manager within our Logistics Department at Sharjah Office. The Group Logistics Manager reports to the General Managers working closely with the Project Managers and department heads to ensure effective logistics and to improve project performance. The Group Logistics Manager collaborates with other departments to integrate logistics with business systems and processes such as operations, projects and finance.

Responsibility and Principle Activity:

The operations performed by the Group Logistics Manager include (but are not limited to) the below activities:

  • Create and implement policies and procedures and formalise documentation for all logistic activities in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Implement and manage a logistics tracking system for all Group equipment.
  • Ensure all customs duties and taxation laws are adhered to including control and provision of relevant documentation.
  • Track and report on service quality, delivery time, transportation costs and efficiency.
  • Establish and manage all partners and agents in the supply chain ensuring effective, efficient and smooth operations.
  • Manage any arising problems or complaints concerning logistics.
  • Supervise, coach and train logistics staff.
  • Provide daily update of all ongoing group logistics
  • Supervise documentation control to ensure accurate records are maintained.
  • Meet regularly and develop relationships with vendors, agents and government authorities including traveling overseas.
  • Innovate by applying new technologies in the workplace.
  • Stay abreast of geopolitical conditions and country customs regulations.
  • Verifying and approve logistic related expenses Inc. travel, offshore expense claims, facilities costs, and other related operational expenses.
Desired requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant field.
  • Minimum experience of 10 years as Logistics Manager.
  • Effective communication skills and the ability to handle multiple tasks.
  • Fluent written and spoken English.

To apply, please send a cover letter outlining your experience to date and your CV to careers@horizon-geosciences.com with Group Logistics Manager in the subject line.

CPT Operator

To apply, please send a cover letter outlining your experience to date together with your CV to careers@horizon-geosciences.com with CPT Operator in the subject line.

We have a vacancy for a Driller within the Geotech Division of Horizon Geosciences

The Driller is responsible for operating the drilling rig and support units, the safe and timely completion of the drilled hole, and provides direction and leadership to the roughnecks on all drilling related operations. He will also direct and control the mud mixing and hole sampling and testing activities and ensure these operations are carried out safely, in a timely manner, and to a high standard of which is expected of all Horizon personnel.

Responsibility and Principle Activity:
  • Liaise closely with drilling supervisor on all drilling and sampling activities
  • Ensure the accurate recording of hole depth, including sample and testing depths
  • Ensure personal safety and the safety of colleagues in the work place at all times
  • Ensure to deliver clear and effective communications to all drilling personnel
  • Interpret, understand and respond to downhole drilling conditions
  • Liaise closely with project geotechnical staff to achieve quality of sample
  • Assign a specified task and delegate responsibilities to all personnel
  • Submit detailed and accurate requisitions and authorize at the appropriate level
  • Ensure good housekeeping practices
  • Responsible to report any unsafe acts or potential hazards and adhere to the stop work policy
  • Mobilisation and de-mobilisation of drilling rig and related equipment.
Desired Requirements:
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in the Geotechnical drilling industry.
  • Experience in working in a difficult and demanding environments.
  • Capable of working with people of different nationalities and cultures
  • Effective communicator and active listener
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • Computer literate


We are always on the lookout for motivated DP2 Marine Crew, click on each job title below to view the experience and qualifications required:

Minimum 3 years previous DP2 experience preferably with KM experience. Masters Unlimited preferred.
2 years previous DP2 experience and First Mates STCW CoC.
1 years previous DP2 experience and with OOW Certification or better.
Chief Engineer
Minimum 3 years DP2 Experience and preferably a DP Maintenance Certificate. Caterpillar and Niigata previous experience will be well regarded. Class One CoC Unlimited preferred.
Similar to C/E but only 2 years previous experience required. DP Maintenance Certificate would be an advantage but not essential. Minimum Class 2 CoC required.
1 years Dp2 experience with minimum Class 4.
EET (Electrical, Electronics Technician)
At least 2 years previous experience with K Pos and a DP Maintenance Certificate.
Oiler / Fitter

If you’d like to further your career with Horizon, send your CV with a covering letter specifying the position you’re applying for to
careers@horizon-geosciences.com. For the DP2 Marine Crew positions, please mark your email FAO: Joy C. Parungao.