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Geobay lends support to coast guard training

Horizon Geosciences are currently undertaking a site investigation of the seabed just off the UK South Coast. The wind park developer has contracted Horizon Geosciences, the geotechnical survey specialists, to take samples of seabed material that will help determine the most suitable type of foundation for the turbines at the proposed wind park.

While carrying out geotechnical surveys, the vessel Horizon Geobay was asked to support the local coastguard with an unplanned training exercise several miles out to sea. The location of the vessel, approximately 11 miles (approx. 17 km) from the shore, provided ideal conditions for the Solent Maritime Rescue Centre to conduct a personnel evacuation training exercise.

As part of the exercise, a member of the coastguard was lowered from a helicopter onto Horizon Geobay and then later hoisted back to safety. The purpose of the exercise was to simulate a rescue mission at sea and enable coastguard personnel to better prepare for such events.

Rich Metters, Managing Director at Horizon Geosciences Limited said:

‘The local coastguard do an invaluable job in providing search and rescue services, so we were very willing to assist them with this important training exercise. Our vessel the Horizon Geobay happened to be in the right place at the right time, and this exercise is a great example of the marine community working together to ensure better safety at sea’.

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