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Horizon named largest user of Sonardyne Gyroubsl

UAE-based Horizon Geosciences, a global leader in the provision of marine survey and geotechnical services, has commissioned an additional two Sonardyne GyroUSBL acoustic positioning systems to complement the systems they currently work with. The new equipment will be used to support subsea construction projects across the Middle East and establishes Horizon as the largest single user of GyroUSBL in the region.

Horizon breaks records by increasing the number of Sonardyne GyroUSBL acoustic positioning systems used in Middle East projects

Horizon has adopted GyroUSBL for its marine operations as it introduces new standards of efficiency and underwater positioning performance. Unlike conventional USBL (Ultra-Short BaseLine) systems, Sonardyne’s GyroUSBL can be commissioned without the need for a time-consuming calibration procedure to determine the alignment of the ship’s motion sensors to the acoustic transceiver prior to use. Its easy installation and setup features make it particularly suited for short-term use on vessels of opportunity.

The secret of GyroUSBL’s success comes from the integration of Sonardyne’s sixth generation acoustic transceiver technology and high grade inertial navigation sensor, Lodestar, in the same mechanical assembly. This unique combination removes many sources of USBL error including lever arm offsets, pole bending and ship flexing. It has also been proven to exceed accuracy and precision expectations, even when deployed on a temporary pole arrangement over the side of a vessel.

“We provide precise positioning for numerous activities offshore and often have to mobilise personnel and positioning equipment at short notice. GyroUSBL fits in perfectly with the unpredictable nature of our operations without compromising standards,” said Lance Hanson, Survey Projects Director at Horizon Geosciences. “We witnessed performance and operational gains soon after we began using GyroUSBL, so we decided to expand our deployment of the technology.”

Graeme Buchanan, Sales Manager for Sonardyne in Singapore said, “Key to getting the best performance of any traditional USBL system is making sure it’s correctly calibrated. With GyroUSBL we’ve been able to eliminate this step, allowing users to focus on getting straight to work. The decision by Horizon to increase the number of systems employed in the field means that more projects across the Middle East and beyond will benefit from GyroUSBL’s increased performance and cost saving benefits.”

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