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Horizon recognises the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and as such, we have an ongoing commitment to improve upon social and environmental concerns in our localities via interactions with our various stakeholders. We aim to be transparent, fair, and socially and environmentally conscious in our daily operations and as such we will continue to work and consult with stakeholders to develop further in the areas outlined below.

Horizon holds certificates for; Health & Safety: OHSAS 18001, Quality: ISO 9001, 27001 and 29001, Environment: ISO 14001 as well as corporate policies which can be viewed upon request.

Horizon recognises that the health and safety of personnel is integral and as such it is at the forefront of our business. We are continuously committed to conducting our operations in a safe and responsible manner. Horizon have identified that ‘communication’ is key when carrying out any task which is why we have a ‘no blame’ culture within the company and are transparent in all matters relating to Health & Safety. We have a team of qualified professionals, focused on identifying foreseeable hazards in the workplace, to coordinate and control the implementation of appropriate risk control measures and to review the effectiveness of our safe systems of work.
We at Horizon are dedicated to our people. Providing employees with safe, pleasant working environments and opportunities for continued personal development is extremely important to us and is reflected in the benefits we offer our employees. We pride ourselves on offering a workplace which promotes equality, diversity and career growth.
The protection of the land and marine environment is the responsibility of everyone. Horizon is conscious of pollution threats to our working environment and the serious effects that may result should an event occur. The company recognises that in its general operations there are interactions with the local environment and as a part of the Environmental Management System we are committed to protect and preserve the environment in accordance with the statutory regulatory requirements of the countries in which we operate.
Horizon strives to get involved in and contribute to the local communities within which we operate. Whether it ‘s sponsoring local football teams, supporting charitable events, or helping students into the workforce via our industry leading intern programmes, all managers and staff are encouraged to get involved and seek out such opportunities of engagement and to support social initiatives.