Horizon Geosciences

Survey and geotechnical services

Premier Oil UK Limited – CASE STUDY, UK

Client: Premier Oil UK Limited
Year: 2017

Horizon Geosciences successfully completed a combined geophysical and geotechnical investigation with subsequent foundation engineering analysis on the Tolmount Field Development for Premier Oil UK Limited in the North Sea.

A two vessel solution was proposed to carry out the field work which involved simultaneous vessel operations to ensure the critical data and project deliverables were submitted in accordance with the client requirements.

The objective of the geophysical survey was to perform a 24km route survey in a single pass using a full analogue and UHRS spread. Works were performed from Horizon’s UK geophysical vessel the Kommandor Stuart. The Geotechnical investigations were undertaken by Horizon’s DP2 vessel Horizon Geobay. Works included sampling and coring in down hole mode together with PCPT testing, Seismic PCPT testing and P-S logging. An onshore classification and advanced lab testing programme was undertaken with subsequent delivery of a comprehensive platform foundation engineering analysis report, produced by Horizon Geosciences UK based in-house engineering team.

‘’On behalf of Premier Oil, I would like to thank the Horizon team very much for their efforts in providing a product that is not only as good as, but improves on some of the data collected during previous campaigns.’’

Lucian West, Senior Subsea Project Engineer, Premier Oil UK Limited