Horizon Geosciences

Survey and geotechnical services


Whether for as-laid, as-built or annual inspections, Horizon’s professional team and specialist equipment can take on the most extensive asset integrity survey project. Our fleet of ROVs range from observation and inspection to light work-class and can be fitted with a wide range of measurement systems to meet our client’s requirements. These include:

  • Dual head scanning sonar
  • Pipe-tracker
  • Altimeter
  • Multi-beam echo sounder systems
  • Boom cameras
  • Cathodic protection measurement equipment
  • Flooded member detection systems

Our experienced processing and reporting teams produce reports and electronic deliverables tailored to the client’s requirements. The final deliverable can include 3D CAD systems displaying the inspection results for platform inspections or GIS packages to suit the end user’s digital system.

We also perform subsea positioning usingvarious acoustic techniques. Ultra-short baseline (USBL) and long baseline (LBL) systems are also available for subsea positioning.