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Horizon Geosciences supported Technip on a Dubai Petroleum project in March 2015 with an As Built Survey of 13 pipelines and their associated risers across various platforms offshore the UAE.

The pipeline inspected was 123 kilometres long with diameters varying from 6 to 30 inches. The Seaeye Cougar XT was selected for the job due to its flexibility. This ROV system is an upgraded version of the Seaeye Cougar and is a compact, powerful machine. The Cougar XT was equipped with an As Built survey sensor package including dual head profilers, boom cameras, CP and bathy suite and completed 370 dive hours in the water with minimum maintenance.

The work was completed within a demanding timeframe.

Kamal Sawlani, ROV General Manager commented:

During platform work the compact size of the Cougar XT and its manoeuvrability, even in strong currents, makes it easy to pilot inside and around structures. Its excellent payload capabilities also allow the interface of multiple survey sensors of varied configurations required for pipeline inspections.”

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