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Case Study, UK

Client: Inchcape Offshore Ltd
Year: 2015

Horizon Geosciences performed a combined geophysical and geotechnical investigation of the Inch Cape Offshore Windfarm for Inch Cape Offshore Limited (a joint venture company formed by Repsol Nuevas Energías UK Limited and EDP Renewables UK Limited).

The objective of the geophysical survey was to provide additional geophysical data to update the ground model and provide unexploded ordnance (UXO) clearance for the geotechnical works. The geotechnical investigation was to support the performance foundation engineering. Approximately 400km of geophysical survey lines were run acquiring bathymetric, sidescan sonar and sub-bottom data as well as magnetometer and gradiometer data.

A total of 11 locations were investigated by drilling boreholes up to 50m beneath seabed level. A program of cone penetration testing (CPT) and sampling was performed in the boreholes to provide in situ characteristics in addition to samples for laboratory testing. Less than 0.2% technical downtime was recorded during this phase of the project enabling maximum progress to be achieved during periods of workable weather.

John Reddish, Technical Manager at Repsol commented;

“On behalf of the Inch Cape team here at Repsol in Edinburgh, I want to express our thanks to everyone on board the Geobay . We are pleased with the transparent and proactive approach Horizon has taken, particularly in respect to safety matters.”

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