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Horizon ROV Team Success on West India Jacket Installation Project

Tuesday 24 May

Horizon recently provided ROV services for Valentine Marine Gulf Limited on an ONGC India project during a 2 month campaign in the Heera Field, Offshore Mumbai. The work was centred around an installation for a four legged jacket and topside. Horizon’s ROV was mobilised onto Valentine’s DLB 1600 barge for the work.

Horizon’s Inspection class ROV, the Seaeye Cougar XT, was selected for the job as manoeuvrability was key. Construction specific manipulators were also needed due to the level of internal inspection work required on the platforms. Quality video streaming was also important due to the challenging field conditions. Despite extremely poor visibility of 0.5 meters, the ROV supported the entire installation and performed well during complex operations such as internal anode counts and conductor monitoring with 100% recorded uptime throughout the campaign.

The ROV also carried out debris clearance during the pre and post ROV survey, Valentine Marine stated their appreciation for Horizon’s efforts during the project;

“Please extend my appreciation to your team as their performance, and that of Horizon’s ROV spread, was very good on this project. The ROV also saved us from having to recover debris and dropped objects.”