Horizon Geosciences

Survey and geotechnical services


Managed from our European offices, Horizon has supported numerous offshore renewable developments throughout Europe. We are experienced and adept at performing offshore services for offshore wind, wave and tidal developments.

Whilst there are similarities between the offshore renewable and oil and gas markets, there are also significant differences and we have developed our offshore services accordingly. Our 200kN seabed CPT system, developed and designed to the highest industry standards in response from our offshore renewable clients is a perfect example of this.

Typically, offshore renewable projects are of a large scale, installed in relatively shallow water depths and located in sensitive environmental areas. These factors all need to be considered and prepared for when performing offshore renewable projects.

The survey and geotechnical data we acquire is critical for:

  • Large scale site characterisation surveys
  • Geotechnical soil borings for foundation design (piled, gravity based, suction)
  • Deep push 200kN seabed CPTs
  • Cable route surveys
  • Seabed charting
  • Analogue geophysical interpretation for shallow seabed interpretation
  • Hazard surveys (debris, shipwrecks, UXO, subsea structures, coral reefs)
  • Subsea asset integrity assessments for operation and maintenance
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Environmental baseline surveys
  • Metocean studies
  • Precise positioning for offshore installations