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Survey and geotechnical services

Scottish Power Renewables – CASE STUDY, UK

Client: Scottish Power Renewables
Year: 2018

Horizon were contracted by Scottish Power Renewables to conduct comprehensive geophysical and geotechnical site investigation on the East Anglia 3 Project Site and export cable corridor in the North Sea.

The offshore works were originally planned to be conducted by two survey vessels, however in response to client driven internal milestones, Horizon chartered a third vessel to allow for the programme to be accelerated. The Horizon Geobay was provided to conduct deep geotechnical sampling and in situ CPT borehole; the Kommandor Stuart conducted geophysical survey and shallow geotechnical testing, and Horizon brought in the Atlantic Carrier post contract award complete with Horizon’s 200kN Seabed CPT System, and to conduct vibrocore and shallow CPT testing along the cable route.

A total of 20 no. 60-80m boreholes comprise sampling and CPT were conducted from the Horizon Geobay; 40 no. 200kN deep push seabed CPTs together with 20 no. shallow push seabed CPTs and 20 no. vibrocores were conducted from the Atlantic Carrier and over 5,000km of bathymetric survey was completed from the Kommandor Stuart. All works were completed within a two and a half month period and in accordance with the required schedule.

A comprehensive onshore laboratory testing programme was undertaken, with bespoke cyclic testing being specified and conducted in conjunction with Scottish Power Renewables technical consultants and Horizon’s laboratory testing partners, overseen by Horizon’s team of in-house Senior Geotechnical Engineers.

“We work with clients to offer solutions that can ensure timely data delivery, such as chartering additional vessel assets, where necessary. This allows for safe, efficient and productive operations to be maximised offshore, feeding into the onshore laboratory testing and reporting phases, whilst remaining quality and schedule focused throughout.”

John Cudden, Senior Project Manager