The Civil sector demands high accuracy hydrographic and geophysical data for critical marine operations. Whether it be for a LNG terminal, a port development or a navigation channel, the accuracy of the bathymetric data is critical for the safe navigation of marine vessels.

Where under keel clearance is critical, Horizon has a vast track record of supporting civil sector companies with hydrographic surveys to IHO Special Order as detailed in the IHO Special Publication N.44.
In addition to high quality bathymetric data, Horizon performs full environmental impact assessments and environment baseline surveys to detail the site conditions and monitor the effect of the development throughout its life cycle. When coupled with our Metocean data acquisition, we offer our clients a holistic approach to civil sector surveys.
Horizon has a fleet of nearshore vessels and self-elevating platforms ideally suited to the difficult working conditions commonly associate with the nearshore civil sector.
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Whether you are looking to install an offshore asset, inspect existing insfrastructure, acquire data for engineering analysis, chart the seafloor or extract samples we can support you with this and more.
Our expertise


With our known focus on quality, health, safety and the environment combined with our flexible approach, we have established ourselves as a leading provider of offshore Geotechnical and engineering services.