ROV Survey

A Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) controlled from the surface, is highly manoeuvrable and able to provide video and still camera imagery along with information from various other sensors to observe, inspect, map and measure the condition of subsea assets.

We operate ROVs to gather data for the following tasks:

Horizon operates a fleet of electric-powered ROV systems for a wide range of applications. The ROV systems can be deployed from Horizon’s vessels or from a client-supplied vessel, platform, or rig. All our ROV systems are containerised allowing rapid mobilisation onto any vessel or platform.

Our range of observation, inspection, and light work class ROV vehicles have a depth range from shallow water to 1,500m.

We perform subsea inspections and observations of the seabed and subsea assets and utilise the ROVs skid to mount additional manipulators for debris removal.

Additionally, multi-beam echo sounders, side scan sonars, sub bottom profilers and magnetic profiling systems can be mobilised and interfaced to the ROV for seabed charting.

Horizon’s deliverables are tailored to meet a client’s specific requirements but typically include hard and soft copies of: